Dan Does It For Sarnia

In 2011 Sarnia's youth went through multiple suicides. Students suffering from depression were calling it quits due to a struggle with mental health. The night I fell my family and friends sent out a call for help and that call was answered by the community of Sarnia. The city fundraised $150,000 to help with medical supplies, home renovations, and things to improve the quality of my life after the accident. Now there's another call going out and I intend on answering this call but I'm going to need your help to do so.
Today is my 9th anniversary and ever since my first year I've always reflected on & celebrated this day for what it truly is, A BLESSING. For my 10th year anniversary I will be putting on an event at the Imperial Theatre to commemorate the "Do It For Dan" campaign.

The proceeds for this event will be going to towards Mental Health initiatives through The Bluewater Health Hospital here in Sarnia.

Here's where I NEED your help!! I'm putting together a short film of several interviews of people that shared or shares a part of my story. I'll have a set of questions ready and the interviewees will sit and tell their side of my story. I believe that this could impact the lives of everyone who sees it in a positive way! Many people don't know this but by definition, what happened here in Sarnia 9 years ago was a miracle. I want to share that miracle with as many people as possible. 9 years ago my dream was to be a professional football player and that was taken away from me. Today my dream is to change and inspire my city the same way it changed and inspired me. And I'll die before that dream is taken away from me.

Подкрепен от Sarnia (October 2015)