Downs Designs has 18 styles of jeans for individuals from ages 2 and up. Because individuals with Downs Syndrome have many issues that are unique to their syndrome, most typical clothing does not fit properly. Our Downs Designs jeans are proprietary designs custom fit to the unique body shape of a person with Down Syndrome.
Below is but a short list of the numerous design challenges a person with Down Syndrome faces:
a) Individuals with Down Syndrome have a short femur. Pants are almost always too long and not tapered correctly at their knees. This means hemming a typical pair of pants still leaves ill-fitting clothes.
b) Most individuals with Down Syndrome have limited fine motor skills. This makes buttons and zippers particularly frustrating. Often they are forced to choose between depending on others to dress relatively well or wearing sweatpants they can pull on themselves. Most choose independence. People with Down Syndrome have relatively low muscle tone. This makes holding in their tummies difficult and they often have larger, rounder bellies. The vast majority of people with Down Syndrome push everything they wear under their tummies, causing the pants to hang even lower in the front and exposing their behinds in the back.
c) There are other health issues such as thyroid and heart problems. Both thyroid issues and various medications can cause sudden, excessive weight gain.
d) Today, most children with Down Syndrome are mainstreamed into public schools. They want to fit in and wear clothes like their peers. We believe there is a direct link between appropriate clothing options and self-esteem. For example, they may need help undoing their pants to go to the bathroom to avoid wetting their pants. Everyday. This assault on their independence can lead to lasting humiliation. They also may feel less confident because of poorly fitting clothes or clothes that are not in style. The list goes on. We are the only business that offers this unique service and product

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