The Horse Shelter Diaries

“Mining The Gold: Horse Shelter Diaries” is a video project in conjunction with the Horse Shelter in Santa Fe aimed at making the public aware that there are healthy viable horses for adoption out at the Shelter. I began filming in April 2014 when 8 horse trainers chose 8 horses to take for 100 days and train them so they could compete against each other to show their training at the National Day of the Cowboy celebration in July. This celebration took place out on Hwy 14 at Clint Mortenson’s arena and was attended by over 1200 people. The horses were then auctioned to qualified bidders and went to their new homes. I have done this project as a volunteer. I am currently in post-production and would like to finish this film as professionally as possible so it can be shown and help educate the public about what a wonderful job the Horse Shelter is doing for the abused and abandoned horses in New Mexico. My previous film, “She had some horses,” was just shown in November 2014 at the Equus Film Festival in New York City. The website for that film is

Подкрепен от Santa Fe, NM (June 2015)