Newmarket Outdoor Hockey rink

Hello Awesome Foundation Team,

Growing up in Newmarket we had several outdoor rinks available for learning to skate and to learn how to play hockey. As you may know the only outdoor rink in Newmarket at Riverwalk Commons does not permit Hockey due to liability and the rink not being designed for hockey.

It is unfortunate that Youths are coming to Riverwalk to play hockey after school or in the evenings and they are being told that they cannot play or being told to leave the premises. There have been arguments between Youth and Families...not an ideal situation for a rink that is supposed to bring the Community together.

I have approached the Town to allow a Community Group of Volunteers to operate an outdoor hockey rink on the tennis courts at Lions Park where there was a hockey rink until it was closed due to repairs being needed (and with the budget being moved to Riverwalk).

The plan is to offer Youth access to play and learn hockey at prime times: afterschool until the early evening for girls hockey and boys hockey then the late evening can be mens hockey with family hockey and possibly Youth figure skating on weekends.

Thank you for your consideration of this project and it would be great to have your support!

Подкрепен от Newmarket (December 2014)