Wearable Arts Experience - From Concept to catwalk

The Alkira Wearable Artists Collective have been taking to the stage and showing off their superstar attitude and funky stuff for the past 18 months. With 4 catwalk shows under their belts so far they are heading for high places and are fundraising to take themselves (8 wearable artists with Intellectual Disabilities) to Alice Springs to take part in the Central Craft Wearable Arts Awards, 2015, the most prestigious wearable art catwalk in Australia!!

People with disabilities are massively underrepresented in media, art and culture and we are changing that one catwalk at a time! This project is about creating inclusive and cohesive opportunities for the artists to get engaged in community events, and provides a wonderful platform for the artists to show off their talents and skill development. The project needs to raise $22,000 to take the group to from Melbourne to Alice springs for 6 days, and will include an overnight bush campout, sunset camel riding at Uluru and a wearable arts workshop..

The artists will each be contributing $1000 to the trip, plus $500 prize money from winning 1st place at last years Royal Melbourne Show for their first competition entry. Several fundraising activities are planned including a day of performance culminating in a catwalk show at the Box Hill Art Centre, a catwalk show at the VALID International Disability Conference and a catwalk show alongside prestigious Melbourne artists as part of the Visual Arts Melbourne Festival where they will be launching their Pozzible campaign.

This project is AWESOME because it fosters friendships, develops skill, provides an opportunity to break down some of the barriers in our communities and show that people with disabilities are fun, fabulous and talented. The boost in confidence and outrageous dose of fun that the catwalk experience gives the artists carries over into all areas of their lives in their confidence and positivity and general AWESOMENESS!!!

Подкрепен от Melbourne (November 2014)