The Beauty Pack

(To be completely honest, I took this off of my website. I worked hard writing it and believe it's the best representation of my non-profit!)

"Here at The Beauty Pack, we are firm believers in kind hearts, unwavering bravery, and pure optimism. We believe that each and every women should be able to feel beautiful and we believe to feel beautiful, we must take care of ourselves inside and out.

Confidence is a necessary trait in all aspects of life. As women, we tend to lack this despite our best efforts. It's not because we are hesitant to our dreams and goals, but rather we are taught that disregarding compliments is a sign of humility. In order to rebuild this poise among women, we must begin with the basics. When we feel beautiful, we feel confident. Whether it's that bold red lip or a subtle pink blush, we all have that one little thing that makes us feel as though we can take on the world! And that's our goal; to help women with hardships gain the confidence and knowledge they need when applying for jobs, when dealing with financial responsibilities, and when taking care of themselves both physically and emotionally.

Each pack contains items for hair, face, dental, and body care. So basically, the bare necessities along with a few extra surprises. We also include a few tips and tricks for styling hair, as well as an inspirational quote."

Подкрепен от Chicago, IL (November 2014)