Of the two billion poorest in our world 70% are small scale farmers. They are hardworking industrious people, but they can’t grow enough food to feed their families. Dry season and shifting rain patterns make it increasingly difficult for them to grow a crop. Our pump allows farmers, who have access to a water source, to now thoroughly and easily irrigate their land. Not only are they able to grow enough food to feed their families, they can now grow a surplus to take to the market. By using this pump, the farmers we are working with are realizing up to 700% increases in income. This simple tool is having a radical impact for these families. According to Bill Gates, “The smartest way to fight poverty is to help the small scale farmer grow more food.” We agree. Project41 collects used pumps from pool companies in the USA. These pumps would normally be headed to the landfill. Once collected a team of volunteers strips them of the motors and prepares the pumps for shipping overseas to our partners at WomenFirst in Uganda. Local labor is hired to construct the frames and assemble what we call the Rainmaker Irrigation system. This has the added benefit of providing jobs to the local economy. We are working with another organization to begin providing pumps in Ghana. Project41 is also working with the local leadership in Ghana to begin a farming program in the schools. This will have the dual purpose of providing meals for the students as well as teaching improved Agriculture techniques. We are very excited to have this opportunity to improve conditions for the students. We never set out to do anything like this but we cannot imagine doing anything else. It is a tremendous blessing to play a role in helping some of the most desperate in our world.

Подкрепен от Awesome Without Borders (September 2014)