Silent Stories

Silent stories would be a series of photography workshops for disadvantaged children from Mathare slums by Mathare Foundation.The project will conducted in Mabatini area in Mathare slums. The children who will undertake the trainings would tell unknown stories in their neighborhood.The stories will be through photographs that have taken and captioned. In each story there will be a series of photographs and an article to summarise.

The training would be conducted for 20 kids from Mathare slums and their will be 2 facilitators to train the young children in photography.The workshop will focus on both theory and practical classes for a period of three months.The first 2 months the training will focus on practical classes.The third month which will be the final month the trainees will only focus on practical sessions.After the 3 months we will conduct 2 photography exhibitions,one will be in Mathare slums and the other one at the German Cultural center ,Goethe Instut in Nairobi.The photographs will be printed in A3 size.

Why is the silent stories project so important to the Mathare Child?The chief reason is that children from the slums are vulnerable to child abuse,drug abuse,prostitution,crime and early marriages and pregnancies.Anita a 12 years old girl who lives with her mother,has been practicing prostitution.She is one of very many children who we have restored hope to them by giving them a platform to develop their talents and avoid vices that would jeopardize their lives. The silent stories project is in place to not only develop the young children talent but also to give them alternative measures that will enable them to restrain themselves from the vices.

The project would be one of a kind since it will be able to bring children together and tell stories of their own community through the lens of a camera.The uniqueness of this project is that we will replicate this project in other parts of the slums so that other children can benefit.

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