Flipping Physics

Flipping Physics is dedicated to creating free, concise, real and entertaining physics educational videos other teachers can use to flip their classes. The hardest part of flipping a class is creating and/or finding effective and entertaining videos for students to use at home. Flipping Physics allows me to provide those videos for other teachers to use.

In my videos I play three students, Billy, Bobby, and Bo. I film them separately and then splice them together so they appear on the screen at the same time and interact with one another. This creates an environment where questions can be asked and answered and mistakes can be made. Mistakes are an important tool in learning.

I also try to make the videos as real as possible. Rather than just being numbers on the board, I go out into the world and film real events and analyze what is going on, then I provide all the videos free for anyone on the planet.

Подкрепен от Awesome Without Borders (August 2014)