Re:make has a mission: to rescue unloved and discarded art projects and give them a new life, with the help of a group of Sydney artists. The transformed artworks will be exhibited and offered for sale, with the proceeds going towards establishing an art workshop program at East Sydney High School.

Every day artworks people have spent hours of work on are discarded, tossed out on the street with rusted woks and broken clothes racks, destined to become landfill.

The Re:make team have been collecting unloved landscapes, discarded portraits and rejected still life compositions from the streets of Sydney. From our collection we're picking 12 artworks and approaching emerging and established artists working in a variety of mediums, from painting, sculpture, millinery and photography, to remake them however they wish.

Leading up to the exhibition, the Re:make blog will reveal the process of transforming the original pieces at all stages: from the original rescued artwork, to the artist's process working with it, to the finished piece.

The works will be exhibited in early 2014 - we have approached the Rocks Pop Up for a potential venue, and aim to exhibit the works in a gallery or pop up space around the Sydney CBD.

All profits from the sale of the artworks will fund an art workshop program for East Sydney High School. This school provides education and support for young people who aren't able to access mainstream schooling. The workshop program will involve Sydney artists conducting workshops for the students. Their website is:

We're aiming for this project to be fun and fresh take on the concept of reuse, highlighting its creative potential. We love the element of chance involved in finding these artworks on Sydney streets, and look forward to seeing them transformed by artists in ways we couldn't have imagined.

Подкрепен от Sydney (September 2013)