Radical Resource Center Non Profit Application

Our mission is to start a non profit providing resources and supplies to any and all unhoused community members. As lifelong residents of Cape Ann, with Lived experience we feel that we have a unique perspective in to the ways in which to navigate the systems that are already in place. Our hope is to provide, dignified, unbiased, no strings attached resources for those individuals who live outside, on a friends couch, in a hotel, or in their car. Its not always cheap to start a non-profit. We can not apply for funding without it and this would help us to apply and file paperwork. There is a growing population of unhoused families in our city and surrounding cities. Due to increased rental market, cost of living not meeting that increase, people have turned to living in the car, outside, or in hotels. Being poor does not require shame, or isolation. We want to lift our unhoused neighbors in our community, and let them know that their voice is just as important as any other voice in the community.

Подкрепен от Gloucester, MA (December 2023)