Beauty And The Endangered Species

I run a non-profit that is trying to reverse the decline of an endangered bird - a top order predator and also culturally important - in rural parts of Africa it is the rainbird, the thunderbird and is revered in traditional cultures. Me and my team work to remove threats, create awareness and also run the reintroduction programme for the species. Without conservation intervention it has been modelled the birds will be gone in less than 50 years. We are doing a lot of research - marking techniques, genetics, reintroduction biology, vocalisations and much more- also working with a number of local and international collaborators. I will use the money for an education roadshow throughout the eastern Cape Province - a province that has very little information known about the species and most are in very rural remote areas. I want to visit every tribal leader, school, clinic and beer house to talk to people - so not just gathering information but also spreading information. And I want to give out false eyelashes as part of this - they are cool (even in rural areas) and these birds have the most luscious lashes!

Подкрепен от Awesome Without Borders (September 2013)