We are a non-profit located in Dearborn, MI. Last summer, we rolled out our StoryWalk initiative which is an initiative to promote literacy and physical activity in our community. We have had nothing but positive feedback from the community. Families stroll through our StoryWalks reading each page of the story which is on 18"x24" boards with a physical activity movement related to the story at the bottom of every board. One of our stories is fully translated to Arabic with permission from the local author that wrote that story. The StoryWalks were displayed at four community sites during the summer with once a month book rotations. In the winter through this spring, we found a way to display the StoryWalks indoors at local public schools. Currently, we have two of our StoryWalks out at community sites with monthly story rotations. We have the other two StoryWalks on loan for the community to rent out (free of charge) for special events. Everything we do at LAHC is at no cost to anyone in our community. We are able to achieve this through generous donations and grants.

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