Festival of the Pollinator/Rumble of the Bumble

It is no secret that our planet is in need of some love and attention. The importance of the Honey bee and other pollinating creatures is undeniable. This festival brings together a place for families and individuals to learn more while having a whole lot of fun. Our goal is to keep the festival FREE for all, encourage diversity and support our local Depot Town commerce of vintage, shops and restaurants . We invite artists, young entrepreneurs, farmers, flower growers, beekeepers and more all out to sell their goods. We will have multiple arts tables for kids projects and activities to keep kids entertained while skilled volunteers help to educate and inspire. Live painting and interactive series of a second honeycomb tower community mural. Games, prizes and more!!!
Through performance, interactive art, dance and creativity we bring people out from many surrounding cities and communities to enjoy the day.
The main entertainment attraction is a family friendly wrestling match. The storyline is that Big Bruce Buzzbee is the largest bumble bee on planet Earth and subsequently the smallest wrestler in the ring. His winning reign last year was loved and supported by all, BUT will he win again this year???? Bruce is set to fight against the nasty pesky pesticides that threaten his and all of his bee-ples and polli-homies existence. The Pesky Pesticides; Guy Phosate and Nic Anoid are some lean mean characters that want to keep Bruce down. but we can't let that happen can we??? Find out who will come help Bruce win the fight against pesticides and terrible companies who produce them. It will be a battle to the end.
His buddy from the Dark Caves, Nectarno Tucker T. Bat the III will be a new character this year. He comes with a colony of other bats and drone dark music hopefully played by a theremin. This new character will come out in the second round. The third will be both Bruce and Tucker united against those nasty good for nothing, planet killing, poison chemicals.

Подкрепен от Ann Arbor, MI (June 2023)