Time For Me

In Australia, domestic and family violence is disturbingly common. The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) data show an increase in family and domestic violence and sexual assault by 13% from 2017 - 2022. Much of this abuse is witnessed by children. Domestic violence has a long-lasting impact on the wellbeing of the women and children who have experienced it, having a profound negative effect on their mental health and self-belief.
The Time for Me Project aims to provides a safe, secure space for women who have experienced domestic violence to share, heal and grow, whilst being supported by a social worker and community development worker, art therapist and other women who have been through similar situations. One impact of domestic violence is that women often become very isolated, therefore one of the project's aims is to increase the participants social capital. Women build up connections with each other through attending the sessions, which then act as a support system for one another.

This project differs from other domestic violence related programs as it aims to be an ongoing support group, aiming to meet monthly. Many other programs only run for 6-8 weeks and this can result in prolong periods (after the program ends) where there is no local support for women (especially if they have no transport). This project also gives the women the opportunity to participate in a variety of art medium, most not having had much exposure to being creative through art or experiencing this form of therapy. Through empowering the women and building up their confidence it will assist them in becoming more socially active, independent and being able to build up other connections within the community. The connections that domestic violence survivors can create with each other is another vital aspect of art therapy. Expressing past trauma, hardship or painful emotions is sometime less uncomfortable to do when done through an artistic medium.

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