Tales of Culture, Refuge & Heritage: Photo Exhibit

The photography exhibition hopes to be part of the Knowsley Young Producers Heritage Lottery Funded 'Refugee Week event 'Global Roots Fest' which will take place on Saturday 24 June in Huyton, Knowsley. The event and exhibition will give local charities that support refugees and asylum seekers the opportunity to fundraise for their causes. If I we are granted funding for the exhibition, it will then be displayed following on from the event at the Culture Hub in Huyton Library for Huyton and Knowsley residents to attend.

The photography exhibition 'Tales of Culture' Refuge & Heritage' aims to celebrate and shine a light on the culture, heritage, and individuality of resettled people living in the Liverpool City Region who have come to the UK as refugees or asylum seeker.
The Knowsley Young Producers and I with the support of Knowsley Council have established relationships with The British Syrian Cultural Centre, The Liverpool Iranian Community Association, and the Sudanese Community Association - who's members will take part in the project.

Subjects will be anonymous and have their identity protected if this is their preference. As-well as the photographs the subjects/participants will be interviewed with light and positive questions such as

  • How would you describe ‘home’ in 3 words?
  • Is there any particular object, song, etc., that reminds you of home?
  • Is there any tradition that passed over through generations in your family -
  • What music do you like to listen to?
  • Can you tell us about the music, art, and dance of your home country? -
    • What are your favourite meals to cook or to eat?

There will also be a historical timeline that celebrates the cultural contributions of migrant and refugee communities to LCR and the UK.

A theatre maker, poet, and performing arts students will then create a physical theatre and spoken word piece that responds to the exhibition – which has been funded by another local organisation.

Подкрепен от Liverpool (April 2023)