Community Educational Garden

The purpose of this grant to me is to revitalize and bring unity and safety back into the community. This is a new project that will be ongoing to serve my community by trying to restore a vacant city lot that sits at the corner of my street on Winslow Ave in East Buffalo. We are a newly formed community organization, the Winslow Ave F/K Block Club is ready to set a trend that transformation of beauty can happen in any neighborhood no matter how it is labeled by others. And after 25 years of looking and sitting in this bleak and destitute neighborhood, we as a community is ready for change.

I envision for my community having an educational community garden that would help build unity among the young and the older generation. This project will be ongoing to serve the community so starting with Phase I – at the corner of my street Winslow/Fillmore, I want to define that corner with landscape shrubberies, adding our organization sign on the lot and our hands of unity sign sitting within the shrubbery design. I would like to incorporate historical literature and pictures of landmark buildings forgotten to be displayed in weather resistant individual casing and place throughout the history garden. I would also like to have the youth design three separate small murals to represent our neighborhood and use solar lights around the garden to better show case the garden display and to light the area for any unwanted criminal activities. From my landscape plan attached, you would see that we would be in a need of the following to help create such a beautiful layout.

Подкрепен от Buffalo, NY (April 2023)