Brigada Animal México

Brigada Animal México is represented by its brigadiers. Who is a Brigadier? A brigadier is a vegan who actively works in anti-speciesist activism with our collective. Brigades are duly organized and trained groups of people. BAM is not a rescue brigade. We are the union of anti-speciesist activists from all over the country as a non-governmental and non-profit collective.

Our goal is to create structures and tools for solidarity and effective activism, develop educational campaigns, document, inform, do journalism on issues of ethical interest about animals, give training workshops for animal liberation activists, raise funds for rescued animals, among other activities.

Since our foundation in 2017, we have participated in more than 200 pedagogical activities and conferences for all educational levels to teach about veganism, anti-speciesism, intersectionality and animal liberation activism.

Almost all of our activities are recorded and broadcasted live, so in the "videos" section of our Facebook page you can find a lot of material. We also start pressure campaigns against animal exploiters and collaborate with different groups and collectives for animal liberation locally, nationally and internationally, with whom we have carried out multiple days of activism, public information campaigns, protests against various forms of violence and collaboration for the implementation of empathetic and effective communication strategies that make easier the exercise of knowledge and non-violent decision making in the population.
We believe that the first step to stop domination and injustice is through knowledge and action as an ethical stance.
Brigada Animal México was funded by PhD, yoguini, artist and nomad Poli Sotomayor. Winner of the Emerging Leaders of the America's Program scholarship and creator of the biggest Animal Advocate Tour with +200 trainings and conferences for activists in Mexico.

Подкрепен от Vegan (January 2023)