Keeping Collingwood Cows Happy !

Nestled on the banks of Birrarung, Collingwood Children’s Farm was founded in 1979 to support and engage local children experiencing adversity. A much loved non-profit organisation, the Farm gives children in an urban environment a chance to connect to nature and care for animals.

There are a number of animals on the paddock including several cows, horses, goats and sheep. For many children, it's the first place they will interact with these animals up close.

Our project is to provide an even better life for the animals on the farm by providing them with a 'Cow Scratcher' ! Animals absolutely love them and it genuinely improves their quality of life. It will also be great for the children visiting the farm to see horses, cows and goats happily scratching away.

(If you haven't seen one in action before take a look at this video):

P.S. This is 100% a project which won't go ahead without the Awesome Foundations support. While the Collingwood Farm is a reasonable sized organisation, the management there don't have the budget for this kind of expenditure.

Подкрепен от Melbourne (December 2022)