Pop-Up Advocacy

We are proud to announce our AwesomeStPaul January 2023 grantee. Pop-Up Advocacy provides safety, support and connection to victims of domestic abuse in St. Paul. They provide safety planning, lease termination assistance and referrals to legal assistance to victims who are not living in domestic violence shelters. The grant will provide hygiene items and grocery gift cards that will be distributed at twice-weekly pop-up events at libraries and community service centers in St.Paul.

Pop-Up Advocacy was chosen for its unique approach to helping build trust with survivors and victims of domestic abuse who are not connected to programs provided by shelters. Congratulations to our winner!

According to Mary Beth Becker-Lauth, program director,

Advocacy services for domestic violence survivors are often only accessible to those staying in a domestic violence shelter. Survivors who cannot access shelter fall through the cracks and cannot access the advocacy services they need to stay safe from their abuser. Pop-Up Advocacy aims to correct this problem by meeting survivors where they are- in the community. Twice a week, our Community Outreach Advocates staff a table at the Rondo Community Outreach Library and at the Hmong American Partnership offices. At these public locations, survivors can receive the resources and support they need to live a life free from domestic violence. At Pop-Up Advocacy we provide safety planning, lease termination assistance, and referrals to legal assistance. Not every victim-survivor can access shelter- but that doesn’t mean they should go without the support that most shelters provide.

Подкрепен от St. Paul, MN (January 2023)