Book for children “Hands, paws or hooves”

The first vegan book in Ukraine for children from 4 to 8 years old, "Hands, paws or hooves".
The book tells that animals, like people, love life, freedom, their children, love to play and communicate with each other. That they also feel fear, pain, suffering, and of course, they want to live and do not want to die. The book is intended to explain to children in a language understandable to them the topics of species discrimination and the exploitation of animals in various industries. The book also explains what veganism is, why people choose to become vegan.

We create this book to help vegan parents explain these important topics to their children. We also create this book in response to a problem that we have noticed — the majority of books about animals form speciesism in children’s minds and provide false information. For example, the book “Farm”, which can be found on bookshelves, tells how the animals live happily on the farm.

Our book consists of 10 parts, each of which reveals a topic:
Animals are our neighbors on the planet;
Animals feel pain just like us;
Everyone has the right to life;
Animals also have a family;
Plant food is delicious and nutritious;
Taking care of your health is very crucial;
Farms also have an impact on the environment ;
Everything in the world is possible without harming others;
Let's protect animals together!
What is veganism;
Facts about animals.
There are 48 pages in total. The book contains poetry, as well as information in prose. We've already sold 86 books. Now we want to print new copies of the book. We are collecting feedback from readers and already improved the book for the second edition.

Подкрепен от Vegan (March 2022)