American Indian Magnet School / Library Remodel

Boozhoo from American Indian Magnet School (AIMS) in the Dayton’s Bluff neighborhood of St. Paul!

Thanks to AwesomeStPaul, through its April 2022 $1,000 grant, the 681 students at AIMS will be enjoying lots of new books in the school’s newly-remodeled library. Library Media Specialist Nicole Bierwerth’s goal with the grant is to build connections with students and help them find the perfect books for them.

“I would love to add new, engaging books to our brand new library space to engage students get them excited about reading,” she said.

AIMS was created from the vision of elders and community members to provide an American Indian perspective and to welcome students of all backgrounds to the diverse school community.

Подкрепен от St. Paul, MN (April 2022)