Free Eco Fair!

Thanks to AwesomeStPaul, we will have an Eco Fair in St. Paul that will be free to the public! EcoFair will be in St. Paul's Como Park on August 13, 2022 from 9-1.

Awesome StPaul chose the Eco Fair Project because it is bringing our community together around the issue of sustainability, which is critically important to our community.

Change becomes possible when people connect in person to learn with neighbors and get to know helpful organizations. We want to gather the community together for a fun, educational, and impactful event to do just that.

The Eco Fair will show people fun, innovative, and creative ways to reduce their carbon footprint by living sustainably. We plan to have a fix-it clinic, a swap and donation station, booths with information and presentations about how to declutter, reuse, up-cycle, garden, save water, reduce waste, and buy locally and ethically. We plan to have fun and engaging activities for kids and families.

Climate changes is a massive issue. Practical, local action multiplied can have significant impact. When people read about it, it's heartbreaking. When people gather about it and can see how to take action, it's inspiring!

We expect a lot of interest, not only from the immediate neighborhood, but from wider St. Paul, as a free, outdoor, family-friendly event.

The organization I founded and lead, Donate Good Stuff, has connections with many nonprofits and community organizations so we'll take the lead. We have the venue and date reserved, we have the energy and will, and many partners already interested or committed.

Donate Good Stuff is volunteer led and run. We have an operating budget of less than $5,000 so the grant will go a long way to making the Eco Fair happen!

Подкрепен от St. Paul, MN (May 2022)