Bite-Sized: Food Exhibits

The Museum of Food and Culture is a new museum in Denver, Colorado focused on food and how food conveys who we are, where we’ve come from, and where we are going. Our mission is to inspire curiosity, creativity and critical consciousness.
We propose to partner with local food businesses and artists to develop interactive educational experiences about food, history and culture in Bite-Sized programming. Our Bite-Sized temporary exhibits will be placed throughout the Denver metro area in 2022 at different partnering locations. Every quarter we will have a different food (ex. chocolate) that ties the small exhibits together and each exhibit will run for 3-4 months at multiple locations. Currently, we are exploring opportunities to have Bite-Sized exhibits focusing on chocolate, breweries, ice cream, bread, and cookbooks.
Each food topic will focus on relevant themes in food justice, from civil rights to human rights throughout history. Participants will begin their experience at one location and then will be directed to the other locations to continue their educational journey and support local businesses.
For example, the first stop on a chocolate experience may dive into human rights and the efforts of the shop to purchase fair trade goods. The second can explore the link between chocolate, the sugar industry, and race in agriculture at a black-owned restaurant. The third tackles wealth and health at a shop prioritizing organic ingredients. This exhibit can show how socioeconomic class has influenced and continues to influence nutrition, education, and buying power. The final stop then discusses gender and chocolate-making at a local female or LGBTQ+ owned chocolate shop.
Each exhibit will prioritize opportunities for individuals to engage with the content and contribute their story to the overall knowledge and experience of the Bite-Sized exhibit. The user-generated content and exhibit content will be collected and curated for future use on the Museum’s website.

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