Synth Library NYC

Synth Library NYC is launching in May 2021 as a lending library of synthesizers, recording equipment, modular gear and other electronic musical instruments. Our mission is to be a resource for hands-on access to music technology equipment for people of all experience levels and economic means in NYC.

Our ultimate vision is to help democratize access to music technology - putting the means of production into the hands of those currently under-represented in these fields. Priority access will be given to those who have been historically excluded from the fields of music technology and/or have faced long-standing economic and opportunity inequalities: including BIPOC and individuals of all marginalized genders (including trans women, cis women, trans men, non-binary, intersex, two-sprit and gender nonconforming).

One of the main barriers to learning and using new music technology is the expense of making a full commitment to purchase gear, plus the frustration one can feel when trying to learn in isolation. We envision building a community where individuals have free access to try out new gear, experiment, and learn from one another - which we believe will lead to greater participation in music technology, especially from those who are less able to afford gear and/or have not had much prior experience.

Individuals will be able to ‘check-out’ a synthesizer and take it home for 2 weeks, just like one would borrow a book from the public library. Synth Library NYC also plans to have virtual and in-person workshops, synth meet ups, collaborative performances and other engagement activities to foster connection and help encourage those with less experience. Our goal is to have 50 pieces of gear available for loan by our launch date in Spring 2021.

A $1,000 investment from the Awesome Foundation will touch the lives of hundreds of New Yorkers. In the first year alone, we anticipate on-boarding up to 200 members, with plans to scale up to serve 500-600 in coming years.

Would you like to get involved? The best way to keep up with is by following us on Instagram (@synthlibrarynyc) or subscribing to our email list on our website ( We will be sending regular updates on how to become a member, how to donate money and/or used instruments and volunteer opportunities as we prepare for our launch in May 2021.

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