Pay-It-Forward Starter Kits

Paying it forward is the tradition of reciprocating a good deed that is done to you by passing it on to someone else through more good deeds. Paying it forward instead of paying it back as it were. This act results in an ongoing cycle of good deeds being passed on from person to person. But how does the initial good deed start? It takes a spark of altruism, a catalyst, or an enabler to get it going. I propose we become that enabler with a "Pay-it-Forward" Starter Kit. The Kit will consist of a "goodie bag" filled with items that will be given away to people in a act of kindness with no expectation of pay-back. The Kit will be given to Kingstonians for free.

Items that would be included in the "Pay-it-Forward" Starter Kit would include: A free coffee card, a quarter for a person's expired parking meter, a tulip bulb to secretly place in someones garden, an extra bus ticket for the next time some asks, a greeting card to give to someone who deserves a pick-me-up, a helium filled balloon, and a freecomplimentskingston tear-off sheet. All of these items are in the kit with the intention of kickstarting new streams of "Paying it Forward"

A $1000 grant would be used to make up approximately 50-100 Kits.

Подкрепен от Kingston (October 2012)