Making organic pictures- A learning project

This innovative learning project will raise knowledge, understanding and engagement with organic photography. It consists of a series of online events including a workshop, a peer feedback session, a talk, and a high-quality step by step video where a female artist will share in-depth knowledge of organic photography and the extraordinary outcomes it can produce.

Based on the success of a previously released 2-minute clip on chlorophyll printing, which had 79k Instagram views, 15k YouTube views, and +400 Facebook shares, we decided to run an online Q&A on chlorophyll printing. The event was quickly oversubscribed and had +300 participants. Recent follow-up comments, messages, and emails made clear to us that there is a huge appetite for in-depth knowledge of organic photography that is safe, sustainable, affordable, and that can easily be practised by a variety of audiences in different contexts, including families at home.

There is a remarkable interest in organic photography amongst artists, scientists, but also amongst non-specialised audiences such as families. Making organic pictures will provide much-valued content to a variety of international audiences of all ages interested in the arts and culture. Audiences will be reached via The London Alternative Photography Collective social media and email channels (+16k subscribers), and through a wider community of networks working with us, such as Guest Projects, BowArts, Peabody Culture Thamesmead, Australian Analogue Photography Network, universities’ photography groups, and social media craft, parenting, and environmental groups.

In the current context, it's particularly relevant and pertinent to provide online opportunities to make, reflect, and share. It has never been so important to eliminate barriers in education and to facilitate access to knowledge so audiences can have self-managed learning experiences. This project is an exciting eye-opening opportunity for audiences to engage with organic photo.

Подкрепен от Awesome Without Borders (August 2020)