Leveler is a peer-to-peer wealth distribution platform that facilitates donations from people who have job security or funds to distribute to those people whose work status has been impacted by COVID-19.

Gig workers, freelancers, and service workers are in a complicated position; many are still waiting for unemployment benefits or do not yet qualify for them. Leveler exists to provide quick relief funds that go directly from the pockets of those who are willing to spare 100 dollars (or more) to those who need it, without a third party holding the funds for any time.

Being able to self-organize economically is incredibly empowering. As a platform that programmatically organizes by geographic location, Leveler puts power directly into the hands of the communities using the tool. It is in this way that we ensure that individuals distributing funds through leveler support their neighbors and community. This intentional emphasis on location-based communities furthers the shared responsibility recipient members of leveler have toward one another. The idea is simple: we can bail each other out when we need to. Together, we have the voice, the power, and the tools to do so.

If your work status has been impacted by COVID-19, sign up to be placed into the database. If you have some cash to spare, redistribute it now at http://leveler.info. We recommend doing this from your mobile device, and donating to at least 5 people.

If you don't have any cash to spare but are in the know about mutual aid projects and funding resources that could be helpful during this time, you can contribute to our effort by posting them on the leveler resources page. If your community needs a leveler database, reach out: adb@leveler.info.

AwesomeNYC is excited to support Leveler as they expand to support even more people in this time of uncertainty.

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