Arsola's Census Hard-to-Count Outreach Project

Arsola's Distribution Center and Community Services (ADCCS) has received a $5,000 grant from Alameda County Complete Count Committee for the 2020 Census, one-fifth of the amount we requested. Our project's goal is to increase the number of hard-to-count participants who complete their census. We will host eight (8) Assistance and Activation events in zip codes 94601, 94603, 94605 and 94621 -- communities with populations that are severely under-represented in past decennial census.

These populations are predominantly African American and Hispanic. Residents live at or below the federal poverty line, have high unemployment or under-employment rates, are formerly incarcerated, some currently on probation / parole, have alcohol and substance abuse issues, have literacy and language barriers. Many are antigovernment and apathetic about participating in the civic process. Our target population are very low income, parolees, and unsheltered persons living on the streets and in encampments and in deep east Oakland.

We are asking the Awesome Foundation to fund a collaborative effort between community-based nonprofits and faith-based organizations that will result in increased participation among these populations.

ADCCS will reach approximately 1,500 residents through face-to-face contact urging participation in the 2020 Census. We have deep roots in these communities as do our partner organizations and can mobilize these communities to action. Through a variety of channels - direct appeals at drop-in food giveaways, hot meal distributions to unsheltered persons, at food distributions to families who have youth enrolled in the east Oakland Police Athletic League (PAL), at the Alameda County Parole office, and at corner stores where loitering occurs, a minimum of 250 residents will complete their census as a result of our efforts. An additional incentive we will offer is a $10 debit card for each person completing their census at our events.

Подкрепен от Oakland, CA (February 2020)