Mental Health Careres Respite Day

This project is an event designed to engage, support, recognise and appreciate mental health carers and families in our community. We are planning an education and respite day, partnering with local carer services to deliver a day of education workshops, relaxation activities, networking opportunities, practical education and information, as well as fun activities.

Carers in our community, particularly adult mental health carers are often isolated, under supported and experience extreme carer burnout from their role. This day had dual aims. Firstly, to inform and connect carers with external services that can provide them with ongoing support and respite which many carers do not know is available to them. Secondly, to provide a day dedicated to their wellbeing, an opportunity to meet other carers and to relax and enjoy themselves.

The day will bring mental health carers from across 2 local government areas together, who are either engaged with public mental health services, or other local carer services, including culturally and linguistically diverse carer services.

The day will include presentations by the peak carer services (CarerLinks North, Mind, Victorian Arabic Social Services), disability/social and housing services (NDIS, Centrelink) and carer advocacy bodies (Tandem), to inform carers of what supports are available to them, and provide mingling opportunities for carers to engage with and get linked in with services on the day.

Pending funding, additional activities will include self-care based activities - massages, chair yoga etc, as well as fun, interactive activities, such as terrarium making and a catered lunch.

This project aims to increase social connectedness, provide much needed respite, information and recognition to unpaid carers in our community and increase support for mental health carers and their families.

Подкрепен от Melbourne (January 2020)