Key West Art Walk

Throughout history Key West has conjured a reputation as a haven for artists
of all disciplines. Many contemporary galleries and local projects honor this
heritage but are often overlooked by the average visitor of Key West. I see this
as unfortunate for both our local community and the visitor alike. I aim to be
the bridge between the two, offering a unique glimpse into the island's
creative community.

By showing guests to these galleries and studios I wish to nourish the
creative legacy of Key West. Every culture needs stories to survive. I desire to
tell the stories of our historical/contemporary creatives in order to connect
them with visitors and our local heritage (One Human Family).

Key West has been labeled as a party destination, as Margaritaville and other bars have become icons of our culture. This is a cultural problem I wish to address. Branding Key West as a party destination is unsustainable as we will attract visitors that will devalue our local culture and environment over time.

Idealistically, I hope to be a part of rekindling Key West's reputation as a
cultural destination through social emotional learning; exposing visitors to our
inclusive society, learning and celebrating why we love this island.

Подкрепен от Key West, FL (January 2020)