Rad Child Podcast

Rad Child is a new podcast that aired it's first episode this August, 2019. The premise of the podcast is to help give grown-ups the tools to answer just about any question a kid might ask. We covers topics such as disability, sex, gender, race, and more! Each week host Seth Day has three guests who have a personal relationship with that topic and they discuss both their own experiences and how to talk to kids about that topic Guests include parents, childcare providers, educators, and professionals. Basically anyone who interacts with kids! The podcast highlights marginalized groups and strives to provide own voices content. Meaning the people are speaking from their own experiences. For example, we did a segment on race and had people of color on for that segment. Etc.Rad Child Podcast also strives to have a place in the community, hosting bi monthly Rainbow Story Hours at a local bookshop.

Подкрепен от Awesome Without Borders (February 2020)