Yoga Magic Lake Mac

My awesome project is to bring children's and family yoga to our community! I have been volunteering at a community preschool (please see attached supporting info) for over a year now, and the benefits inspired me to get qualified so I may offer more yoga to children, families and educators!

Yoga changed my life, and as a Mental Health support worker I see the challenges faced by individuals on a daily basis... Including our young community.

So many are struggling, whether it is quietly or outwardly as some children express in different behaviours and difficulty regulating their emotions. This then leads to feelings of sadness and losing control, and so many of us experience traumatic emotion and event that we just don't process. Yoga allows us to feel, tomove the energy out and make way for the new. We learn to control ourselves and navigate life that little bit better making way for light,love,peace and joy...The spirit of life!

What if we can equip our young people with the tools and skills to feel well, confident, happy and strong with all that they have inside the already!
We make Yoga fun.. bringing dance, games and storytelling weaved with breathing, yoga poses, mindfulness and relaxation.

My project "Yoga magic" will bring yoga into preschools, day care centres, family homes, community centres and playgroups... The possibilities are endless and I am open to anything that benefits our community, and builds connection and breathes heart and soul into community spirit.
I would love Yoga to be accessible to all.... So if I am aware a family is experiencing hardship I will do my utmost to offer yoga to them whilst being respectful of their privacy.

As we learn in our classes- Yoga is not something we leave on the mat. It is a practice that we take out into our lives- where awareness and feeling and kindness become part of how we travel through life. How? Well that's where the magic is..... And I am excited, dedicated and blessed to be able to share it.

Подкрепен от Lake Mac (October 2019)