Freelove Magazine Melbourne

Freelove is a magazine published from a house in Melbourne.

People on creative pursuits contribute once a month, so that we can compile their work into a neat little printed package.

Attached to a small piece of cardboard is a cd and a folded A2 sheet: the contents include four songs, a poster, photography and a short story. It's available to order online and in selected spots around Melbourne.

The best thing about Freelove is that it is free. It costs $0.00 to pick up. The idea behind it is that we wanted to create something of tangible value, and distribute it for free.

We don't have an office and we don't have any financial backing, or industry support. We have a bedroom, our parents' internet connection, and some unfinished uni degrees. We're 4 passionate guys who wanted to put together a unique little project and see if it would work.

A few weeks ago, we launched edition 1. The response has been amazing, much better than we expected. Positive feedback is flying in from all directions, and people are genuinely excited to see it progress, none more so than us!

We love working on Freelove. We've been working on it for almost 12 months now, and we finally decided last month, after too much procrastination and worrying about minor details, to pool some of our savings' and finance the first edition ourselves.

Right now, we're ready to launch edition 2. We've got four bands who have submitted their music, a writer who has penned a fantastic piece, an awesome photographer and the most enthusiastic designer who has made a poster. We've even got content all organised for edition 3.

All we need now is financing to send it to the printer. Each month we offer one space for printed advertising in the magazine, and that advertiser will help cover the costs of printing. So far, all the advertisers we've approached are keen on helping out, but they need more time and a better understanding of the magazine to fit it in with their respective marketing campaigns. We respect this decision and are happy to work on projects with them in the future.

But we want to keep Freelove a monthly thing, because that is what it is meant to be. We are ready press play on edition 2, and if we can't get this edition out, there won't be a Freelove after this.

Подкрепен от Melbourne (June 2012)