Aquaponics at State High

We have a rooftop greenhouse on the new high school dedicated to teaching sustainable food production (see photo). We are in the beginning phase of getting this greenhouse up and operational with at least one system coming online before the holidays. This greenhouse belongs to the entire school, not just one department. The plan is make it a cross-disciplinary teaching tool. Our focus will be on the question, how are we going to feed 10 billion people in 2050? We currently have a student club and interested adults but we hope to have courses in the future. We have the aquaponics systems in place. We also have and area in the greenhouse for R&D and construction of smaller systems to give to the elementary schools so our younger students can garden all school year. And from there we are limited only by imagination. We also want to teach community ed classes in the future.

Подкрепен от State College, PA (November 2018)