Youth Animal Rights Conference (yARC2018)

YVA’s next project is a Youth Animal Rights Conference (yARC) which will run in September this year. yARC aims to create an empowering and engaging youth space where young people can open their minds to a more nuanced and complex understanding of animal rights and its position alongside other social justice movements.

Working with the theme “"IMAGINE: Envisioning an Ideal World."” yARC will bring together speakers and content which encourages young people to build their own vision of a fair and equal future, and understand how they can work together to accomplish it. yARC aims to be a radically inclusive and actively engaging conference where young humans from all backgrounds and perspectives can hope and plan for a fairer society.

After already completing an extremely successful leadership and development program in March 2018 (, this next project from YVA aims to capitalise on the momentum generated from Catalyst and build the groundworks for an event which will continue long into the future. With a great team behind us and an ever-growing network of support and participants, YVA is in a unique position to inspire and support the next generation of changemakers in the vegan community.

Подкрепен от Vegan (June 2018)