Good Grief Zine

Good Grief is a zine about queerness and healing. The idea for the project came from my own experience in recovery for an eating disorder. Many of the resources offered to me were designed with straight, cisgendered people in mind. As a non-binary queer femme, I felt invisible to those that were supposed to provide resources. Instead, I leaned on my queer community for support and was sent pieces of writing, exercises and ideas dug up from the deepest corners of the internet.

In that spirit of community, this project is also deeply informed by observations and personal experiences of queer communities processing grief and engaging in mutual aid after the Orlando Pulse Shooting and the Ghost Ship Fire. Queer folks often lean on their chosen queer families as much as or more than their biological ones and, at our best, we show up for one another in remarkable ways. Good Grief brings together practical and artistic solutions for, and reflects on, healing and community building.

Good Grief will not only provide inspiration but will also include activities and reflective exercises to help readers create their own self or community care action plans.

Good Grief includes work by incarcerated womxn participating in an arts program through the California Coalition for Women Prisoners (CCWP). Proceeds from the sale of the zine will go to CCWP.

I have included two images, though most of the work is in written form. Please let me know if you'd like to read some samples!

Подкрепен от Oakland, CA (June 2018)