Dandelion Initiative's Safer Bars - Kingston Pilot

The Dandelion Initiative began in 2015 under the name the Sexual Assault Action Coalition, founded by Viktoria Belle, a survivor and educator. Through community collaboration, we continued to work with a small group of survivors and allies to create the Dandelion Initiative. We are led by survivors for survivors. We are rooted in feminist, intersectional, anti-oppressive and harm reduction frameworks that prioritize the lived experiences of women and other marginalized people.

The Safer Bars Project is one of our initiatives to create systemic change by putting education and leadership tools in the hands of the community itself.

We founded the project after months of community consultation and collaboration, unifying stories and perspectives from survivors and allies in the Bar and Service industry.

This training will help employees understand Bill 132, which enforced changes to the Occupational Health and Safety Act, while empowering employers to build policies and protocols that will create safe and equitable working environments.

Our training also provides bars and restaurants with an opportunity to challenge the status quo, break the cycle of normalized sexual violence and rebuild the bar and service community by becoming leaders in creating safe spaces with zero tolerance for sexual assault and sexual harassment.

We have developed this training with an emphasis on community and accessibility while being informed by the lived experiences of survivors in the bar and service industry, and current research and policy developments.

Our training includes:
- 3 hour in-person training session
- Participant workbook/zine
- Sample policies and educational toolkit
- Certificate of completion
- Dandelion sticker for your window
- Listing on #SafeBarsON public registry (available on our website)
- Monthly support calls from The Dandelion Initiative
- Access to all our resources

Грант предоставил Kingston (April 2018)