Arousing Biophilia

Arousing Biophilia is an art exhibit that seeks to evoke deeper exploration of our natural world, acts of altruism and environmental stewardship by bringing the wonder of nature and the environment back into focus.

The exhibit is scheduled for March & April 2018 at Art Ark Gallery in San Jose and features local, national and international artists. The artwork explores a variety of topics including life cycles, entomology, ecosystems, botany, organisms, mycology, biodiversity, the relationship between humans and the environment and more. The exhibit features installation, sculpture, glassworks, encaustic, photography, printmaking, and a variety of other mediums.

The exhibit will also include other important programing that will be free and open to the public such as artist talks, expert speakers, environmental resource information and will conclude with an earth day event that will feature free workshops for children and adults.

Examples of the workshops and speakers include: Creating mini "save the ocean" mobiles using plastic collected on Bay Area beaches to show how plastic is choking the ocean and ways we can reduce our plastic consumption. As well as The Art Inspector, a third party certification agent who examines the environmental impact of art process and practice and provides information and resources on how creatives can lower their carbon footprint.

Грант предоставил San Jose, CA (December 2017)