An awesome VIP Day for Melbourne's homeless


HoMie requests $1,000 from The Awesome Foundation to enable us to run one 'VIP Shopping Day' for Melburnians experiencing hardship and homelessness. This VIP shopping day will support and engage with 20 Melbournians experiencing homelessness who will be invited to shop for free at The HoMie Street Store (2/296 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy) as ‘VIP Customers’. VIP Shopping Days aim to increase social inclusion, connectedness and confidence for Melbourne's most marginalised and vulnerable people.

VIP Shopping Days also bring VIP Clients into the HoMie Support Network, where they can access and request further support from organisations in our network should they require it. By bringing homeless clients into the HoMie program, we hope to foster trust and a connection to the HoMie brand, so that they may choose to undertake further training with Homeless of Melbourne in the future. HoMie VIP days are also widely publicised on our social media channels (HoMie Street Store - 15,000 followers; and Homeless of Melbourne - 50,000 followers). By covering the VIP Shopping Days and their benefit to the homeless community, we are able to raise awareness in the broader population with regards to issues facing Melbourne's homeless community, and give HoMie customers a tangible way of giving back (just by purchasing cool clothing or volunteering with HoMie).

Грант предоставил Melbourne (November 2017)