Young Vision Arts

Well, I threw a few art shows in collaboration with Win Back the Community, LLC and New Rules this summer. While those were great successes, I'm a person who's always striving for better. I plan to have a fashion show, an art show and concert ALL IN ONE (the caps are aggressive I know, but I'm trying to get my point across). The project is titled "Turtleneck Szn" and will be in the north side at New Rules and the goal of it is to: bring the community together through art, and give local creatives a platform to showcase their creativity. There's so much talent in our community that goes unseen due to lack of resources. I may just be an 18 year old kid, but I strive to be that resource. The exact date isn't set just yet, but I'm shooting for late November. I know that this alone isn't even a fraction of the work that our community needs, but it's something. Although this grant would be super helpful, even if I don't get it, I'll find a way to make sure this still happens. (Ya'll invited too. It'll be a good time I swear).

Грант предоставил North Minneapolis, MN (September 2017)

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