Project Fighting Chance

OK now THIS is awesome. No dinosaurs, sorry! A group of nurses at Temple University Hospital's ED got together w/ a Temple ED doc and combat veteran, and the Temple Trauma outreach coordinator. Project Fighting Chance was born out of a cry from the community to help all ages with what to do when stuff hits the fan. The 24th and 25th district of Philly is riddled w/ gun violence and Temple sits in it. No wonder we are the busiest Level I Trauma Center in the state for penetrating trauma. With multiple other university level I trauma centers in the immediate happens here in Temple's footprint. Our team volunteers their time to go into the community and teach medical care and tactical maneuvers to community members within these districts. We've held numerous training sessions and are growing in demand. We started at 12th and Cambria with the help of the local street council there made up of the area citizens. Crime, awareness, gun violence has taken a 180 since we've started. We can't take all credit but day one, over a year ago, we had to be escorted on the grounds by the community leaders. A few months ago on our last event there, I was having a conversation with another PFC leader at 10pm in the middle of the street which was unheard of on day one. We have the blessing of Temple Hospital and Temple legal, and the 24th and 25th police districts to teach our curriculum which consists of basic gun shot/stabbing victim knowledge, personal safety, care under fire, volunteering to help, tourniquet application, improvised bandage use, tactical positioning and carry maneuvers, scene safety and prep for EMS/police arrival. We go through informational session, interactive sessions, then we put it all together in action in a mock shooting. Its informative, engaging, and we make it fun. Check this out:

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