Lemonade Stand - Project Based Unit

The 4th and 5th grade students at Kamalani Academy will engage in a Project Based Unit of Study centered around a Lemonade Stand Project; an awesome way to teach Math and Language Arts standards!

We would like to kickoff the unit with a field trip tour of Waimea Valley – “Take Care of the Land that Sustains Us.” During this 3 hour tour, our students will learn about the relationship between land and people and learn about Hawaiian plants and fruits.

On another day, we will have a representative from Wow Wow Hawaiian Lemonade, a local business in our community of Wahiawa, come talk to our classes about how a business is run, specifically one that sells lemonade.

Then we will continue our unit in the classroom, which will include reading The Lemonade War by Jacqueline Davies, math activities involving creating and following a budget, measurement, fractions, graphing, and analyzing data. Then students will use all of this knowledge to actually make lemonade. We would like to incorporate native fruits as options for small groups to experiment with and create flavored lemonade. Each group of students (about 4) will work together to decide on one lemonade flavor and then market it, which will include creating a name for their lemonade recipe, musical jingle, I-movie commercial and creating an advertisement poster.

For our culminating activity, every group will have a Lemonade Stand set up on our school campus, and we will invite other students, staff, family and community members to stop by and try the different lemonades. They will be able to purchase 4 tickets for $1, and the tickets will be used to purchase a Dixie cup of lemonade from a stand of their choice. After this activity, we will count the tickets and graph the results.

We will also discuss ways people can make a difference in their community and help others. Then as a group we will vote to donate all the proceeds to a local charity/good cause.

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