Computer Workshops for Formerly Incarcerated

Formerly incarcerated Tallahasseeans do not have much exposure to new or changing technology. Many don’t know the parts of a computer. Some cannot type on keyboards or access the Internet. More and more services which help formerly incarcerated individuals to get their lives back on track are putting details of who they are and what they do online. This means accessing these services becomes harder and harder. Rescue Me Project Ministries, Inc (RMPM) recognizes their struggle. We are working to offer much-needed computer literacy workshops to Tallahassee’s formerly incarcerated individuals.

We run three workshops; Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced levels. Our workshops run three days a week for six weeks per level. Each student’s progress is measured through pre and post-tests at the end of each workshop.

Every workshop is an opportunity for students to think about how computer competencies will positively impact their lives. As students progress through workshop challenges, they become more confident to deal with today’s competitive society. Our students’ achievements encourage even more students to sign up, but our space and equipment are limited. With funding from this grant, we will be able to “INSPIRE more lives, one day at a time.”

Грант предоставил Tallahassee, FL (November 2017)