Artist in Residence

The lights come up and the dancers take the stage. You spend an evening in awe as a wordless story transports you to a place where time stands still. As the final curtain drops, you leave your seat and exit the lobby in sheer wonderment of the abilities of the human body. But you don't see the months of practice to bring a couple of hours to life. The endless drilling and nonstop doubt of a dancer's chosen path. Starving artists are a reality and for someone who has spent a lifetime dedicated to their art, it can be an uncertain future.

San Antonio Dance Umbrella's Artist in Residence focuses on highlighting an up and coming choreographer in San Antonio and providing them with the opportunity to present their work in a professional capacity. SADU provides opportunities to the choreographer to present their work each month and receive audience feedback, utilizing the Liz Lerman Critical Response Process (CRP) which gives tools both to people who are making work and people who are responding to that work.

Грант предоставил San Antonio, TX (September 2017)