What Can I Do? Young Voices for Positive Change!

I am currently in the process of bringing a video journalism multimedia program to the students at O'Maley Innovation Middle School After School Program. The goal of this ongoing project is to teach students to use their voices for good on platforms that are relevant to their peers and community. One of the big idea projects the students brought to the table was to produce Public Service Announcements surrounding issues they face, specifically focused on an Anti Bullying Campaign they are designing. The project is student driven, with the goal of community awareness /involvement as part of the solution. We plan on working with Cape Ann TV to help get the message out to the community and to give the students the real experience within the field of video journalism. Other projects will include students live streaming current events, producing local news segments about issues or stories important to them for their peers and community, and focusing on how to use their voice, film, and the internet in a more positive and influential way...One to one we change the world,

Грант предоставил Gloucester, MA (September 2017)