Dear Citizen O

Dear Citizen O is an experiential installation which has been approved for Creative City Project's Immerse on October 21st 2017. The installation will involve the recreation of an early 20th century mail room, and participants will be given writing packets which prompt them to write a letter to an anonymous fellow citizen of Orlando: "Citizen O". Once their letter is written and sealed in an envelope and dropped off, participants are welcomed to 'take a letter' in exchange. This will be their artifact to take home -- within which they will hear the heart of a fellow Orlandoan.

The prompts provided will encourage poems, letters of love, a shared personal story, a cherished memory in orlando, or drawings around compelling ideas or topics. We want to invite attendants of the event to not just consume art, but to create it -- and we are excited about this unique aspect of our installation.

The project will last the duration of the Immerse event which is 5 hours, and with an anticipated attendance of over 60,000 of people to the event -- we wish to accomodate 1000 participants per hour if our budget permits.

Грант предоставил Orlando, FL (August 2017)