Pitch Please!

Pitch Please! is a play off “Shark Tank.” It will be an open mic of sorts to solicit small ideas for community based art and engagement projects. I want to encourage and support people with great ideas for their community. Local Color in Downtown San Jose can be the venue host, and I will personally help them execute their idea by leveraging my resources.

The reason my focus is on smaller ideas because I believe the most sustainable change takes places incrementally over time. Kind of like how cancer starts with one cell, multiplied over time, before it actually takes effect on the human body—gloomy I know, but now you get the point. Well these small ideas are the little cells of positive change that I believe will add up overtime and make an impact. It’s not about the biggest and/or fanciest ideas. It’s just about generating a lot of them and letting them all happen—so that each one can begin to realize its full potential and organically evolve to what it’s meant to be. No one has the perfect idea right off the bat, it takes time, rapid prototyping, and learning from your mistakes. This project is mean to be the catalyst of the beginning of great ideas.

Additionally, I want to highlight and solicit ideas from as many women as possible—so if you are a woman selected by the panel, you automatically get 30% more just because.

Грант предоставил San Jose, CA (August 2017)