Bike Bling

Detroit is a city with a growing bike culture. From clubs, to large-scale weekly events like Slow Roll, there is a burgeoning interest in commuting by bicycle. With more cyclists on the road, there is a greater need for safety and rider visibility. Specialty garments and bike accessories can help prevent collisions and accidents, keeping riders safe.

Fringe Society will hold Bike Bling, a free workshop exploring ways to add reflective materials to bikes in order to enhance visibility and style amongst cyclists of all ages in Detroit. Traditional techniques will be paired with high-tech materials to provide participants with skills in making while engaging their sense of wonder. Techniques in weaving, embroidery and pom-pom making will be taught to people of varying skill levels. Participants will take away a finished piece they can use to decorate their bicycle as well as a sample of material to continue to explore their new skills.

The workshop will be held in conjunction with Detroit Fiber Works, a textile arts store and organization with an existing following in the Livernois & 7 mile community.

Грант предоставил Detroit, MI (February 2018)