Acpad Guitar

I develloped in July 2011 a guitar, i can play techno with. so far i played at several techno clubs with it, as a "live dj" in berlin, only with one guitar. A video shows it without wasting to much words here:

My gigs where within half a year at venues like katerholzig, ritterbutzke, volksbühne, betahaus, sisyphos, mikz, ruigoord in amsterstam

I am a berlin based artist and live with the money of my gigs since November 2011. in summer i tour with my vw bus and my self built sound equipment troley + guitar project. for booking gigs, creating music, playing gigs, surving, finding place to stay etc, the crazy live style of an artist...

There are 3 different project ideas around the guitar idea with different budgets necessary to make it possible, according what you are interessted in most, i can send you more details.

the 3 different ideas are written below!

Грант предоставил Berlin (February 2012)